for Angular

Basic usage

Use the lightbox to view one image or a group of images, with the scroll option. See feature showcase.

Photo by futzi deutobold


You can cluster images into group.

Or keep them as separate images.

You don’t need to specify the path to the large image, it’ll work either way.

Please, pay attention to the parameters of your viewport metatag. If you use pinch zoom, it is required to limit zooming of a web-page, by entering the following parameters: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no">.

Mobile usage

Swipe the images and use pinch zoom or double tap to zoom them in and out.


Please, read the text of the license agreement. When you purchase the lightbox, you receive a link to the archive with the source files of the module and the license key.


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Import module:


imageMaxHeightstring = "100%"
Maximum image height.
imageMaxWidthstring = "100%"
Maximum image width.
counterboolean = false
Image counter.
counterSeparatorstring = "/"
The text separator counter.
backgroundColor"black" | "white" = "black"
Background color. Inverts the black and white colors of the controls and the background.
backgroundOpacitynumber = "0.85"
Lightbox background opacity.
animationDurationnumber = "400"
Speed of opening and closing animation.
animationTimingFunctionstring = "cubic-bezier(0.475, 0.105, 0.445, 0.945)"
Smooth opening and closing animation function.
closeButtonTextstring = "Close"
The Close button text.
hideThumbnailboolean = true
Hide the thumbnail when opening the lightbox.
disableboolean = false
Disable the lightbox.


Click on the thumbnail.
Preparing styles for starting the lightbox display animation and the preloader display.
Starting the lightbox display animation.
Ending the lightbox display animation.
Preparing styles for starting the lightbox closing animation.
Starting the lightbox closing animation.
Ending the lightbox closing animation.

Browser support

Chrome / Chrome for Android 50+ / Android 4.4+
Safari / iOS Safari 10.1, 11.1 / iOS 9+
Internet Explorer